Sunday, April 29, 2018

Infini-Tea Wars

Welcome to the first Sweets Barn Blog Post!
We are excited about spring, the warmer weather, traveling and the new Avengers movie.
Well two of us are, the other one just doesn't understand.

To celebrate our first blog, and the anything Marvel, Heather, the chocolatier, has created an exciting post she is calling the:

INFINI-TEA (and truffle) WARS - a pairing of tea and truffles with different Avengers.

 We'll start with Iron Man. We all know he's not a fan of secret identities, thus Tony Stark is a bold man. He loves his gadgets, being the center of attention, and he loves to drink. That's why we chose our Vanilla Bourbon Rooibos tea. It's red, it's bold, it's sold in bulk.
And of course, our Montana Whiskey Caramel Truffle is the perfect pair for the socialite superhero.

Next up, The Incredible Hulk.
He's strong, green and packs a punch. 
Just like the Gunpowder Green Tea. The strongest, greenest tea we have. You will be ready to "SMASH" anything in your way after a cup of this brew. Along for the ride is our Lemon Wasabi Truffle, smooth and citrus, with a surprising sucker punch of wasabi at the end.

Spiderman is a gentle soul, he's just a babe wanting to play with the adults.
That is why he's been paired with the Root Beer Rooibos Tea.
All the youthful taste of Root Beer, and all the adult sophistication of tea.
Spidey is also a fan of the Vanilla Bean truffle. This ice cream-like bonbon even looks like it was adorned with Spiderman's signature webbing.

Doctor Strange
If you suffer from aching joints and inflammation, Stephen Strange can relate. The car accident that crushed his skilled hands and the endless line of surgeries that followed left the doctor searching for alternative treatments. But you don't have to go to Kamar-Taj and train in the Mystic Arts, just drink this anti-inflammatory tea with real turmeric root. Paired with the Cinnamon Vanilla Rooibos truffle, the experience is out of this realm.

The legend of the Black Panther and his powers is an honored tradition in his tribe. The Wakandan Prince drank an elixir made from the heart shaped, purple herb.
Though we don't have access to such plants, we do have the Purple Earl Tea. A royal blend of Earl Grey and Lavender.
A flavor so great we had to put it in the chocolate as well.

Besides eating a whole box of pop tarts upon arriving to earth, Thor experienced another great human
Thor is also a pretty boy, so we matched him up with our Coffee Lover's Vanilla Tea. A blend of black tea, coffee, real vanilla flavor, and roasted Yerba Mate. 
And so he doesn't shatter any more mugs, we will give him our Cowboy Coffee Truffle, our version of a chocolate coffee bean.

Captain America, The First Avenger, and now... we don't know what he is now, or which side he is on.  Of course he is loyal to his best bud, Bucky. But who knows how far down the brainwashed Buck will drag Ol' Cap.
He's fighting against good and evil, dark and light. That is why we would give him our Decaf Russian Chai with our White Raspberry and Dark Raspberry Truffles.
Let's just hope he chooses wisely.

Finally, when you are AntMan either everything looks like an avalanche or you are the avalanche. Our Avalanche White Tea, with it's pineapple and coconut flavors will blow you away. And for a little truffle with big flavor, try the Cookie Butter truffle. The fond flavor that brings to mind waffle cones, and ice cream shops... whatever is fresh and hot. (Dude)

So that is our pairing of teas and truffles.
What pairings would you do?

See you at the movies.

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